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Our Story

We were a team in R&D centre to help applicants to handle ITSP application. At the time of ESS inheriting SERAP, some applicant approached us to help them review their ESS application. Since Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS)  is for private sector, enterprise have to handle the application on their own, the information they have prepared was unquestionably will bring them to crash.


Even though they had an unseen idea, decent team member with admirable academic background and working experience, we would say they were 100% qualified, but the way they prepared their application will lead them to a long haul with the government. With our humble experience, we provided appropriate consultancy and guide them back on the track and they finished the application fast and accurately. Not long later, another similar case came to us.

Then we realized that big scale R&D funding application experience is very crucial to the Enterprise Support Scheme. 

On one hand, we would like to contribute our little expertise, on the other hand, we don't want their good idea got buried due to something they are not suppose to know. That is how we started.

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