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Qualification of ESS

IDEA dominate

To apply Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS) R&D funding under Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), 


First thing first, you have to have an innovative idea which needed to be researched and developed.

That idea is the number 1 crucial vetting criteria of all. But how to determine your idea is innovative enough?

Or in what terms, your idea could be valid to ITC R&D Funding as an innovative idea?  Scroll down to find it out.

There are still tons of other criteria, nonetheless, the below 3 areas are most critical for ESS Fund.


Want to check either you are eligible and how to prepare ITC R&D funding?

We have a free initial assessment service to assess and how to deploy your project progress, man power resources, business network and financial readiness.

To protect the confidentiality of your project and your company, we will sign a Non-disclosure agreement with you.


The entire assessment service is free of charge. Other than the NDA, there will not be any agreement needed to commit.

Who are eligible to apply ITC ESS funding?

A company will be eligible to apply if it is:

  1. incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance;

  2. registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance;

  3. not a government subvented organisation*; and

  4. not a subsidiary of any government subvented organisation*.

*A government subvented organisation means organisation that receives grant from the government on a recurrent basis. 


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