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Pricing Scheme

Tailor made for different needs

We understand there are many different kind of R&D funding applicant. Some are budgeted, some are with enormous resources who need little assistance from the outside.

We provide flexible ESS service plan to fulfill different needs. We could even tailor made service content base on client's request.

All services and price are predefined with high transparency, we will go through the plan with you during our meeting.

Start-Up Plan

Economic with least service

Star-up or small business may not have much reserve to spend on consultancy. We adjusted our service content to meet the needs.

Loyalty Plan

Most cost efficient

This is suitable for clients who have established trust with us.

Safe-drive Plan

Cost more but most comfortable

Obviously, this is the no success no charge plan

Repeat Order

Cost least

It is ideal for those who have the application experience and only need very least of our expertise. 
It is suitable for repeat client or large scale enterprise who only need least assistance from outside.

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