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Our Role

Make sure your application is a success

We only focus on Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS), unlike others, we don't do what we are not familiar with.

The funding is for your innovative idea, not us.

We only charge our labour and little expertise.

We also have different pricing scheme for different needs of clients.

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Free Initial assessment

We will conduct an initial assessment about the project. If the ITC R&D funding criteria is met,
We will work with applicant to apply. If there is still any thing needed to be prepared, we will pitch how to deploy and come back when applicant is ready.


Prevent fund deduction

With 1 wording mistake, some applicant have got deducted $800K funding. (Not joking, it is a true story!)
Knowing what to write and what shouldn’t could save you a great deal of money.


Accelerate the process

Knowing what to write also can avoid back and forth with the Commission. Prepare the documentation in the right way can save you from infinite loop.


Foresee challenges from the committee and ITC.

We cannot 100% guarantee what challenges will be countered during the panel meeting,

but we definitely can provide you an insight about the outline of the challenges.

Also we are familiar with the procedures, we know exactly what will come next,

so we can prepare you in advance.


Schedule planning

We will provide a weekly basis timeline for applicant to follow. It includes how long does the preparation take, when to expect your meeting with the bureau, your agreement signing period and we will simulate your cash flow allocation for you.

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