BUD Fund-Max HK$4M Subsidy

A Fund for develop markets in China, SouthEast Asia, and Australia, etc.

The fund is divided into Mainland plans / Free trade agreement plans

The Trade and Industry Department contributes 50%, and the applicant himself must also bear 50%


The same company can apply up to 40 times


The maximum cumulative funding amount is as much as 4 million,


​The maximum amount of funding for each application is 1 million.

Includes the following 3 categories



Brand development strategy

Brand building

Brand evaluation and protection, etc.

Upgrade and transform

From OEM to ODM, OBM

Material logistics management upgrade

​Manufacturing process upgrade, etc.

domestic sales

Additional Business Unit

New Sales force

Market promotion

Exhibitions and more​

​​Applicable areas include


Mainland China

ASEAN region

European Free Trade Association



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